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Delivery Tips for Our New Fresh Range to France

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Don't forget that, as products in our chilled/fresh range for delivery to France are all freshly made to order, items can be frozen when you receive them which means you can plan ahead and place bigger orders to maximise delivery value, saving you money in the long term.

For example, a parcel of up to 5kg (including packaging) costs £10.99 to deliver, which is great value for a small order, but a parcel of up to a huge 30kg costs less than double at £20.99. Using our fantastic Shipping optimiser tool, you can make sure you are really getting the best value possible.

Your chilled/fresh products will be delivered to you separately in a special purpose-made container used by butchers. These containers use gel ice to ensure that your items stay properly chilled for several days and arrive to you in perfect condition. Our boxes normally arrive 24 hours after they are sent out though.

We have a special Chilled Shipping Information page on our website dedicated to delivery of our chilled range to France with lots of important advice. It also features key dates to be aware of regarding ordering and subsequent delivery.

Our range of over 50 premium quality chilled and fresh products including meat cuts, bacon, sausages, pies, cheese, cream and even bread really does have to be tasted to be believed!

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Article Date: 20th April 2011