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PG Tips Tea Bags 240

PG Tips Tea Bags 240

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Product Weight: 750g

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PG Tips Tea Bags are the UK’s leading brand of tea bags, and are perfect for making that traditional and much loved British cuppa.

PG Tips Tea Bags now come in an innovative pyramid shaped bag, providing the tea with more room to breathe as it slowly brews – so you can really enjoy that distinctive PG flavour.

It is now grown using sustainable methods, so you can enjoy your brew safe in the knowledge that it has been brought to you the right way.

4.8 Star Overall Rating 4.8 Overall Rating from 13 Reviews. One of our PG Tips branded products. We have permanently lowered the price of this item in our Price Drop scheme, saving you £1.50.

Nutritional Information

Typical Values100 ml**200ml**% * per 200mlper 200ml† (170ml tea, 30ml semi-skimmed milk)
Energy2kJ / < 1 kcal4kJ / < 1 kcal<1%59KJ / 14 kcal
of which saturatesnilnil0%0.3g
of which sugarsnilnil0%1.4g
** Typical values based on tea brewed with freshly boiled water for 1-2 minutes (no milk, no sugar)    
* % of reference intake of an average adult (8400kJ/2000kcal)    
† Typical values based on tea brewed with freshly boiled water for 1-2 minutes (170ml tea, 30ml semi-skimmed milk)    

Storage Instructions

  • Storage Type: Ambient.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Extended product data licensed from Brandbank.

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5 Stars by katie on 05/11/2014.

I absolutely love PG tips, it's a great tasting tea - not at all bitter like other 'black' tea's. It has a milder taste if you leave the tea bag in for a couple of seconds, or for a stronger/darker tea leave in for longer. This is a family favourite!

5 Stars by Tracey on 29/09/2014.

Living in France and before that living in Italy, PG Tips was the only taste that reminded me of home. After all, we are British, and the Italians and the French are coffee drinkers, not tea drinkers; all of the tea they sell and serve is not a scratch on PG Tips tea. There's nothing like a good pot of tea and a chat to an expat friend to make my day.

4 Stars by Thomas on 12/02/2014.

PG Tips is a tea made for the typical British taste. This is much stronger than black teas available in the rest of Europe.

The taste is good, but unless you are going to blend in milk, you should not not keep the pyramid in the cup for too long.

4 Stars by Ian on 03/01/2014.

This Tea Bag from PG is good. You can not go wrong with a brew from this brand. It is simple tasting and not too strong depending on the way you mash it. It is not as strong as some of the other teas available on the market but sometimes a super strong tea is not needed.

5 Stars by Roger on 09/12/2013.

A Great British tea full of flavour and strength. I would recommend PG tips to anyone who enjoys a great Cup of tea. PG tips 240 tea bags is also a great deal I saw them once over here and they wanted €7,00 for 80.I will definitely be ordering more next time.

5 Stars by Caterina on 16/10/2013.

Not only is this one of my favourite teas, it's also a great deal. Now that the price has dropped I'll definitely be included a few boxes in my next order. I don't know why it's so difficult to get decent tea abroad. The teabags I buy here in Italy just don't taste of tea and it takes ages to brew just to get any hint of flavour at all.

5 Stars by Nuala on 16/07/2013.

I got two boxes of this last time because of the price drop. This has to be one of the best deals around. I get through at least 6 bags a day - if you put 2 in a teapot you will get 3 or 4 good cups out of it. So it also works out cheaper than other teas which are not so strong.

5 Stars by Ewa on 23/04/2013.

This is really one the best tea bag for flavour, you can't fault it.This tea tastes really great,pyramid shape brings best the flavour and it is such a good value for money for 240 bags. It's the best for me and I get to make full pot for 4 people just with one bag.Nice to enjoy.

5 Stars by Nicola on 08/03/2013.

One of the best English teas, I really love it as it reminds me of my summer holidays spent in the UK and my life as a student in London. With just a drop of milk and a bit of cinnamon... it's perfect! In my family we buy the large bag otherwise we would run out of it too soon.

5 Stars by Jessica on 28/02/2013.

So many expats swear by PG Tips and miss them so much that they ended up bringing bags and bags back with them. Luckily we can now order them from the British Corner Shop! They can be found in France now but at silly prices so this is a great buy.

5 Stars by Monica on 17/08/2012.

No other tea tastes as good as PG Tips. There is none of the bitter aftertaste you get with so many teas, so it is very refreshing, and the pyramid shape makes it so easy to handle.

My young grandchildren here in Denmark consider it a treat, and have christened it "Nanna tea", because they can only get it from their Nanna.

5 Stars by Liam on 13/05/2012.

I discovered PG tips when I moved to the UK years ago and became hooked on English tea. When I left I missed pretty much every single British food item, but tea was the hardest to live without. No tea brand - apart from Yorkshire Tea - on earth can match the taste of PG Tips. The 240 bags box is the best value for me as I use about 4 or 5 teabags a day.

5 Stars by Alice on 02/02/2012.

You can't really go wrong with PG tips. I get about three cups out of each bag if I'm making a pot of tea. There is no bitterness (unless you leave the bag in for absolutely ages in which case it's your own fault). The flavour isn't quite as fragrant as that of Yorkshire Tea.

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