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Simpkins Blackcurrant Drops

Simpkins Blackcurrant Drops

Price £2.39

Product Weight: 200g

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Simpkins Blackcurrant Drops are part of the Simpkins range of travel sweets. Containing only the best ingredients and flavours, these much-loved British sweets are unrivalled in the taste department.

Simpkins came up with the travel sweet idea in the 1920s, their original tins containing barley sugar drops that were proven to alleviate travel sickness.

At British Corner Shop we strongly recommend keeping a tin of Simpkins Blackcurrant Drops in the glove compartment to sweeten those long car journeys!

Most popular with customers in United States of America (USA), France, Italy, UK - England, Russia, Netherlands, Germany and Canada, but you can buy Simpkins Blackcurrant Drops for delivery worldwide.

5 Star Overall Rating 5.0 Overall Rating from 1 Review. One of our Simpkins branded products.

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5 Stars by Christopher in UK - England on 21/02/2012.

These are delicious hard boiled sweets in a light spattering of icing sugar.

I was first bought some of these as a 10 year old after a trip to the doctors by my dad and they made me feel a lot better.

They're basically just a hard boiled sweet with flavouring, but the flavour is spot on what it should be and each piece can last a long time (unless you crunch it). A must buy!

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