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Soreen Large Fruity Malt Loaf

Soreen Large Fruity Malt Loaf

Price £2.79

Product Weight: 250g

Soreen Fruity Malt Loaf is the UK’s favourite malt loaf. This delicious fruity snack works really well when sliced and spread with a light layer of butter or margarine, and especially when accompanied with a cup of tea.

Soreen Fruity Malt Loaf is made from malt, and is packed full of raisins to give it that distinctive fruity flavour.

4.6 Star Overall Rating 4.6 Overall Rating from 11 Reviews. One of our Soreen branded products.

Allergy Advice

Contains Barley, Contains Gluten, Contains Wheat, Contains Milk.


Wheat Flour, Raisins (14%), Water, Starch, Invert Sugar Syrup (contains: Colour E150c), Malted Barley Flour (5%), Barley Malt Extract (4.4%), Dried Whey (from Cows Milk), Vegetable Fat, Salt, Yeast, Preservative: Calcium Propionate (Added to Inhibit Mould Growth).

Lifestyle / Additives

  • Suitable for Vegetarians.

Nutritional Information

Typical ValuesPer 100gPer 1/10 Loaf
of which sugars18.3g4.8g
of which saturates0.6g0.2g

Storage Instructions

  • Storage Type: Ambient.
  • How to store me I like cool, dry place best. Eat me within 2 days of opening, or if you want to save me for another time, just pop me in the freezer. (Use me within 3 months of freezing, and make sure I'm fully defrosted before you take a bite.)
  • Pack Type: Heat Sealed.
  • Extended product data licensed from Brandbank.

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3 Stars by John on 11/01/2015.

I have delayed writing my comments as I did not want to be unfairly negative.

Unlike the other reviewers I was disappointed with the Soreen malt loaf.

My memories from the past are of a tasty, soft, moist bread with a pleasant malty, fruity flavour.

The loaves I had were fairly dry, hard and bitter although they were within the BBD. No criticism of BCS.

I may just have been unfortunate with the ones I got.

5 Stars by Sharon on 27/02/2014.

Soreen is absolutely delicious. This dense, fruity loaf is perfect with a huge mug of tea or as an alternative to toast and jam in the mornings.

My two young daughters (2 and 3 years of age) enjoy a slice of Soreen at any time of the day. It is especially tasty as an after-school snack. Of course, it MUST be eaten with butter thickly spread on top!

5 Stars by Alda on 22/11/2013.

I think Soreen Malt Loaf is absolutely delicious. When I make my order I never forget my Soreen. Its so good on its own, but I prefer it with loads of butter on top. When my parcel arrive first thing I do is cut a couple of slices and treat myself with all the goodness of Soreen.

5 Stars by Marc on 10/11/2013.

Soreen is the king of malt loafs, even though it's closer to a cake or gold old stodgy pud. It's so soft and sticky that it welds your teeth together like molasses and with that much fruit it has to be on the healthy side. Although spreading it with butter so thick you can see teeth marks probably negates that, but it's the only way to enjoy this classic.

5 Stars by Mariantonia on 25/10/2013.

A rich dark, malt fruit cake, neither too sweet nor too dry,Soreen make the most delicious malt loaf. Packed full of carbohydrates it's a good source of energy, so perfect for snack during the day, especially for kids and youngsters. Low in fat too. It's unique taste and squidgy consistency has remained the same over the years, impossible to make at home!

5 Stars by Maria Teresa on 24/10/2013.

Soreen Fruit Malt Loaf is a tradition more than anything. Housewives buy it rather than make it because it's so good. The squishy malty slice of deliciousness that is screaming for lashings of butter is a real treat as a breakfast or for supper. Can only fault it for being out of shape, but a small price to pay.

4 Stars by Caterina on 16/09/2013.

Soreen Fruity Malt Loaf has the moist texture of a cake but is simple enough to be considered a malt loaf. It cuts quite easily but does tend to squash up a little. I love it toasted lightly and spread with butter. It's packed full of fruity goodness and makes a healthy change to the usual teatime cakes.

5 Stars by Karen on 05/09/2013.

Dark, sticky and delicious. :-) I can remember eating this as a child, irritating the adults by squishing it into balls and then eating it. :-) It is still as delicious as it was back then. Unbelievable. Most things Change (or is it us?!) with time. Malt loaf is delicious on its own, or buttered, or toasted and buttered, or with cheese, or... :-)

5 Stars by Mandy on 28/02/2013.

The perfect malt loaf - accept no substitutes! Honestly, the deliciousness of Soreen's malt loaf cannot be overstated. With plenty of fruit and a rich malty flavour, this is also about the healthiest cake-style product you can buy, as well as being one of the tastiest. Thanks to the British Corner Shop, I can get my Soreen fix in France!

4 Stars by Chris on 27/01/2013.

In the UK the supermarkets have tried with only a degree of success to copy Soreen in their own brands, but as expats we can treat ourselves to the real thing thanks to British Corner Shop. It's so fruity, with that smooth dark malty taste, best served thickly spread with butter. Also, the length of time it will keep in a sealed packet is quite surprising.

5 Stars by Peter on 11/10/2012.

Absolutely delicious, this dense and tasty malt loaf is an absolute favourite of mine. Perfect when lightly toasted and spread with butter melted on top.

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