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Christmas - Cakes

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Christmas Cakes

Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without the serving up of a delicious Christmas Cake. Once the turkey has been polished off, it's always important to have saved a bit of room for this integral part of the classic festive meal.

Traditionally comprising a moist fruitcake covered in marzipan and icing, Christmas cakes will often be topped off with a festive decoration of some description - perhaps Santa on his sleigh, some holly, or a simple Christmas message.

For many, however, a Christmas cake simply isn't complete without the magic ingredient of Scotch whisky! This variation on the Christmas Cake originated in Dundee, hence its name

If all this talk of Christmas Cake is making you feel all festive (and hungry), be sure to browse our splendid selection of Christmas cakes - some with whisky, some without, your choice!

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