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Canned Dog Food

All dogs have a different favourite food, depending on their breed, size, age and personal preference. Appreciating this situation, we stock a range of dog foods by the most popular brands, such as Pedigree, Winalot, Butchers and Chappie.

There are many things to consider in addition to whether or not your four-legged friend likes their food, such as portion sizes and nutritional requirements. It is important to choose the appropriate food to ensure your dog stays healthy and happy.

As dogs get older, they become less active and don't require as much food to keep them going. In their twilight years dogs have a tendency towards weight gain, so keep an eye on portion sizes and perhaps even consider buying a lower calorie dog food.

Whatever your requirements, we will have something to suit your needs, whether your dog prefers an extra meaty meal, has a preference for fish or likes their food to come in a rich and tasty gravy, we can provide.

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