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Pharmacy - First Aid

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First Aid - TCP, Savlon, Dettol and Plasters

It's well worth keeping your medical kit topped up so that you have everything you need to deal with illness or minor injury. Classic supplies of Dettol, TCP and Savlon are must-have items in your first aid kit.

Dettol has been around for over 60 years; most of us will have (not so) fond memories of the Dettol coming out if you scraped your knees or cut yourself when playing. Keep your own children safe from infection with a bottle of this popular disinfectant.

The other old school classic medicine that is still used today is Savlon, a lotion for treating minor skin disorders. Simply rub it into the affected are of skin and it will soothe and prevent infection.

Everyone needs a handy medical kit on standby, but it is especially useful if you have a young family (children are often getting into mischief after all, particularly little boys!). Get your supplies stocked up today.

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