McVities Jaffa Cakes 10 Pack (125g)

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Product information

McVities Jaffa Cakes are an iconic British snack that is loved by kids and fondly remembered (and still enjoyed) by adults! They consist of a sponge cake base, topped with a layer of tangy orange flavoured jelly, and rounded off with a chocolate coating.

The prickly question of whether Jaffa Cakes are biscuits or cakes actually found its way to court, due to the UK Law stipulating that VAT should be applied to all chocolate covered biscuits - whilst plain biscuits and cakes remain exempt.

Thankfully, Jaffa Cakes were proven to be cakes, simply because they go hard when stale (biscuits, in contrast, go soft) – thus keeping them free of VAT!

Most popular with customers in United States of America (USA), Canada, Italy, France, Japan, Sweden, Germany, Spain and Denmark, but you can buy McVities Jaffa Cakes 10 Pack for delivery worldwide.

One of our McVities branded products.

Allergy Advice

Contains Eggs, Contains Milk, Contains Soya, Contains Wheat.


Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Dark Chocolate (19%) [Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Vegetable Fats (Palm, Shea), Butter Oil (Milk), Cocoa Butter, Emulsifiers (Soya Lecithin, E476), Natural Flavouring], Sugar, Flour (Wheat Flour, Calcium, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin), Whole Egg, Water, Dextrose, Concentrated Orange Juice, Glucose Syrup, Vegetable Oils (Sunflower, Palm), Humectant (Glycerine), Gelling Agent (Pectin), Acid (Citric Acid), Raising Agents (Ammonium Bicarbonate, Disodium Diphosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate), Dried Whole Egg, Acidity Regulator (Sodium Citrates), Natural Orange Flavouring, Colour (Curcumin), Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin), Product contains the equivalent of 8% Orange Juice.

Lifestyle / Additives

  • Suitable for Vegetarians.

Nutritional information

Typical ValuesPer 100gPer Cake (12.2g)
Energy (kJ)1590194
of which Saturates4.0g0.5g
of which Sugars50.2g6.1g
Typical number of cakes per pack: 10  

Storage Instructions

  1. Storage Type: Ambient.
  2. Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, store in an airtight container. For Best Before See Side of Pack.
  3. Pack Type: Box.

Product reviews

5 starsRobert from Poland on

Mcvities Jaffa cakes without a doubt a family traditional treat nice soft cake at the bottom tangy orange gel covered in lovely smooth chocolate the only problem I have is do I dunk it in my coffee or eat them straight from the pack either way as soon as I have eaten one I will soon eat another delightful treat for the whole household

5 starsTherese from Israel on

I love these cookies and due to COVID I haven't been able to visit London as planned in 2020 this makes me miss the city even more: YUM!

5 starsDeborah from United States on

We love these. You can find them in the US, and there are a couple of other brands that are adequate, but the McVitie's are far and away from the best. And the ones from here are fresh, which the ones in my supermarket sometimes aren't. My son will eat an entire packet without blinking, so if I want any, I need to speak up.

5 starsTreena from United States on

I have found generic Jaffa Cakes but nothing compares to the original Jaffa Cakes. The taste from the original first bite took me back to my childhood. Price was good, very reasonable since they are being shipped to the USA. They arrived as fresh as if I had bought them that day in the shops.

5 starsAmber from United States on

The whole family just loves these and could consume a whole box in 1 sitting. I rather stupidly only purchased 1 box so will be making an order for many more very soon! The perfect mix of chocolate and orange with a beautiful bouncy sponge base! Have been teaching the kids, full moon, half-moon, total eclipse. Such a blast from the past.

5 starsTina from United States on

Jaffa Cakes are just like miniature sponge cakes topped with orange flavored jelly and covered in crunchy milk chocolate. So incredibly delicious! I personally like to separate the jelly filling from the spongy base and eat them one by one. Whatever your personal preference, you seriously wont be disappointed with this delightful treat.

4 starsTegenn from United States on

Is it a plane? Is it a bird? No, it's a Jaffa Cake! They are very good, the orange and chocolate are perfectly balanced. I love nibbling the chocolate coating off the top, but I find the orange jelly a little stiff and hard but they are still wonderful none the less!

5 starsAlice from United States on

The one, the only, the original, the legend! There are many brands of Jaffa cakes in the world, but I have yet to meet one as good as McVities. The cake bit is always soft and not dry. The jam in the middle is always sweet and slightly tart, and the chocolate is top quality. They simply cannot be beaten.

5 starsBETH from Canada on

My husband loved them

5 starsDaniel from United States on

Oh, how I love these orangey chocolatey bits of heaven!! They are perfect with coffee or a cup of tea. My children have never had them and they loved them as much as I do. I can't seem to get these in my home area. They arrived from the UK just as fresh as I remember when I lived there.

5 starsDenise from United States on

It was an absolute delight to receive my packages of Jaffa cakes. Although I had purchased them occasionally at a very high price here in the USA they always seemed a little stale. The ones from British Corner shop as well as being reasonably priced had that slightly crisp base and the tangy orange flavor that I remembered. Absolutely delicious!

5 starsGeorge from United States on

These were in a hotel welcome package that I received a couple years ago when I visited the UK. They are so addicting, and you can't only eat one or two. You can easily eat the entire box in one sitting. I was told to put them in the refrigerator for the best taste. I listened, and that was the best decision that I made. They taste fantastic straight from the fridge!!!

5 starshazel from United States on

McVities jaffa cakes. Such a unique little treat. A round sponge style base, with a sweet orange jelly middle,then dark chocolate top.It just works perfectly. The only problem, they are so easy to eat, that one box feels like a serving to my family. Getting one box just doesn't work ,when people eat them all.

5 starsDonna from Canada on

Jaffa Cakes are the best, such a unique taste experience. These perfectly round biscuits have a spongy cake texture, with tangy orange jelly in the middle and on top is a thin layer of bitter sweet chocolate coating and come in 10's. Mmmmm so delightful with tea! My husband remembers them from his childhood and once the box is open there gone before the last sip of tea in the cup! This is a regular order item for me.

5 starsEwa from Italy on

Jaffa cakes are well known for their mix of taste and texture chocolate orange and the biscuit.they are delicious and so tasty once I open the pack everyone is there to share and the pack is gone ,living happy smiles on our faces.They are classic and great for every ocasion,snack or a big party.McVities is my brand for jaffa cakes.

5 starsNatalia from Australia on

Jaffa Cakes are the ultimate home memory! The light orange jelly on a light cake base covered in slightly bitter chocolate, ideal!! The package holds enough jaffa cakes to last 10 minutes within our household, and it's worth every bite!

5 starsLesley from Canada on

Jaffa cakes are so delicious, they should be illegal. I know it's greedy, but I usually eat the whole packet in one go. They're just so light, it's like you're not even indulging. Of course I wouldn't recommend people do that, they should be savoured. Go and buy some and see how long they last you.

4 starsColette from Spain on

Despite the growing number of similar products now on the market, these jaffa cakes are still the best. The sponge is light and the orange flavour is tangy and sweet. The chocolate topping gives them the perfect finish. An old childhood favourite, it's nice to be able to enjoy them again.

5 starsCrystal from United States on

This was my first time trying Jaffa Cakes and I can see why everyone in Britain loves them! A bit sweet but the soft cake part evens out the sweet chocolate and orange filling inside. I gave some to my 5 and 10 year old nephews and they enjoyed them very much, as well! Be warned, these are very addictive!

5 starsEileen from Canada on

Jaffa Cakes are unique and quite delicious. The base is a cross between a cake and a biscuit, the orange jelly being offset by the coating of dark chocolate.

Years ago in the United Kingdom we used to have half days off from work, (do they still have them?).

My mum and I had a tradition on our half days we would sit at the kitchen table with our cups of tea and a packet of Jaffa Cakes and sort out the world and its problems. We never did change the world but we did make memories to cherish.

Once opened I suggest you keep the package in the fridge that way you keep them fresh and as an added bonus you hear the chocolate "snap" as you bite into it, well worth trying.

5 starsCathryn from Korea Republic of on

I can't eat a Jaffa Cakes without remembering the old "full moon, half moon, total eclipse" advert and with me it really is just like that, although the "total eclipse" occurs very quickly as they never last that long when I am around. The combination of flavours and textures make these a seriously yummy snack that is loved by expats around the world, with whom I have shared them with.

5 starsMaria Teresa from Italy on

McVities Jaffa cakes... I just love, love love these! Straight from the fridge they are a delight. They tick all the boxes for me. Tasty, tangy orange filling, a soft light sponge and a nice thin coating of tasty chocolate. What could be better..oh yes! the price is just up my street! Please do not change them...

5 starsDonna from Canada on

OMG Jaffa Cakes!

That wonderful combination of slightly crispy base (especially if they've been in the fridge) orange jelly bit and chocolate. Are they biscuits or are they cakes? Well I wouldn't want to dunk them in my tea so I would say cakes.

You just can't get them anywhere else and all our Canadian friends are hooked! They aren't to heavy on the calories and are the perfect snack for before or after a soccer match for the kids!

5 starsMireille from United States on

An absolute treat.

Although I can buy these ones here in the United States they aren't as fresh as when I order them from British Corner Store.

They have never failed me. Neither the Jaffa Cakes nor British Corner Store. Full Moon, Half Moon and total eclipse! Over and Out.

5 starsTrinity from United States on

These have been the object of my curiosity since one episode of 'Spaced'. These aren't impossible to find in the states, but it's inconvenient.

Certain British import shops carry them, but as it turns out, everyone else had the same idea as me and the shops run out quickly.

I'm really excited to find out what all the hype is about!

3 starsThomas from Finland on

Mc'Vities Jaffa Cakes are a very basic sweet snack to be served with coffee or tea. These are something that most people are familiar with and a lot of companies make jaffa cakes similar to these.

They taste ok and most people eat them. Why I don't give them more than 3 stars depends on that they dry out really fast. Straight out of a new pack they are soft and nice, but just after one day in their original packaging they feel dry, hard and tasteless.

So they really are best consumed at once or if not, they should probably be stored in a metallic box.

2 starsIan from Germany on

This is a product that I can not simply learn to like. Even with an open mind and willingness to try things more than once I have not learnt to love, or like for that matter McVities Jaffa Cakes.

The way that the chocolate and orange combine in every bite is very difficult to describe. It is soft and smooth and should not be how chocolate or orange flavours should be enjoyed. The cake base is also soft which ultimately means the Jaffa cake is a soft cake that I think would be better if it was crunchy and had some substance!

5 starsBruna from Italy on

Once you start eating these, you cannot stop. Delicious tangy orange jelly on a thin sponge cake topped with a crisp, chocolate coating. Perfect combination of three flavours and textures, I don't think McVities Jaffa Cakes could be improved in any way. Having said that, perhaps a lime jelly variety might go down well. Well worth the money, they never fail to please and are a safe bet for anyone at any age.

4 starsCaterina from France on

Yes, they're definitely cakes, not biscuits, and are great at parties or as an after dinner dessert. What a brilliant idea to invent a snack which combines a sponge base, orange jelly and a coating of chocolate. I wonder why McVitie's didn't trademark them, as I've seen several imitations. I've also found similar products with a raspberry or cherry filling instead of orange, but I find them too sweet. The original Jaffa Cakes are the best.

5 starsElizabeth from Canada on

Jaffa Cakes - you can't beat 'em can you? Perfect by themselves as a treat, or with a cup of tea. That hit of Jaffa orange as you bite into the cake/biscuit (depending on your preference) and then the crack of the chocolate on top.

Sometimes, you'll even be able to peel the Jaffa off the sponge and eat it separately (who hasn't tried this?).

I miss buying them now i live over seas. So eat bite is relished when I get a pack.

5 starsSandra from Canada on

These cakes are delicious ,they can't be a cookie as you certainly would not want to dunk these,I wish they would make them with chocolate milk as dark chocolate is not a favorite of mine,but my husband likes the dark chocolate ,they are just quite a different taste ,like no other.

4 starsBrenden from United States on

They are delicious! I chose no other cake for that is what it is. It has a very snacky flavour and leaves the consumer happy! First introduced to me from the popular "Yogscast", I have enjoyed them immensely. I would recommend them for tea or any other snack purposes.

4 starsLiam from Netherlands on

I really like the combination of chocolate and orange, and I am an avid consumer of Terry's chocolate orange or galaxy orange bars. Therefore I also often buy jaffa cakes and there was recently a special offer so I stocked up on them. The saying is true, once you start you can't stop until it's gone!

3 starsChristopher from UK - England on

I was told that once you try a jaffa cake, you won't eat any other biscuit. Well, they're ok and the filling is quite nice, but I'm not sure I'd class it as a biscuit.

It's not a bad snack, but it's something of a refined taste so only 3 stars from me as I'd eat it if there was no other choice but it wouldn't get a look in if there was.

5 starsRuth from United States on

Jaffa cakes are the perfect combination of orange, cake and chocolate. They are two bites of deliciousness (sometimes one) that make you unable to resist the rest of the package! A staple for parties and get togethers, they will be a hit for all ages and gone before the party is finished.

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