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Tinned Food

Tinned Food - Beans, Fruit, Vegetables etc

Tinned food is a great option if you are looking to keep your kitchen cupboards well stocked; you can pick up anything from pies and baked beans to fruit and veg, and it will stay in-date for months, so you can eat your choice of goodies at your leisure.

The canning process was first developed in the late 1700's when the French military offered a cash prize of 12,000 francs to anyone that could come up with a new and more effective way of preserving food.

In response to this Nicolas Appert came up with the concept of canning food, a process that was tested and proven with the help of the French navy in 1806.

Although developed for military purposes (limited food availability played a major role in campaign success during the Napoleonic Wars), canning has proven to be a huge success and is used all over the world to the benefit of billions of people.

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