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Magazines - Womens Interest

Women's Interest Magazines

Our collection of women's interest magazines covers a wide array of hobbies and interests; everything from general housekeeping, knitting and crafts, to psychology and spiritualism.

If you have a hobby such as card-making or sewing, then a regular monthly magazine can be a great way to inspire you and keep you interested. It's brilliant to get tips from the experts and discover new ideas and approaches to what you are doing.

One of our most popular women's interest magazines is Good Housekeeping. This long-running mag (it's been going for over 80 years!) gives beauty and fashion tips, recipes and health advice as well as inspiring real-life stories.

Whatever your interest, we will have something to suit your needs. At British Corner Shop we stock all the latest editions and we can make sure you receive your choice of magazine promptly and without fuss, wherever you are in the world.

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