Cadbury Creme Egg (40g)

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Product information

That's right, Cadbury Creme Eggs are here! You can eat these delicious treats anytime of year, not just during Easter. They're a British favourite and you just can't say no to the delicious chocolate.

The Creme Egg consists of a thick Cadbury chocolate shell containing a gooey, sweet fondant filling resembling the yoke and white of a real egg.

The real question is, 'How do you eat yours?', so perhaps buy a few of these delicious eggs and eggsperiment with different ways of devouring them. All in one go, anyone?

Most popular with customers in France, Italy, United States of America (USA), Germany, Denmark, Spain, Netherlands, Greece and Japan, but you can buy Cadbury Creme Egg for delivery worldwide.

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Allergy Advice

Contains Eggs, Contains Milk.


Sugar, Milk, Glucose Syrup, Cocoa Butter, Invert Sugar Syrup, Dried Whey (from Milk), Cocoa Mass, Vegetable Fats (Palm, Shea), Emulsifier (E442), Dried Egg White, Flavourings, Colour (Paprika Extract), Milk Chocolate: Milk Solids 14 % minimum, Contains Vegetable Fats in addition to Cocoa Butter.

Lifestyle / Additives

  • Suitable for Vegetarians.

Nutritional information

Typical ValuesPer Egg (40g)
Energy744 kj
177 kcal
Of which Saturates3.7g
Of which Sugars26.5g

Storage Instructions

  1. Storage Type: Ambient.
  2. Store in a dry place. Protect from heat.
  3. Pack Type: Wrap.

Product reviews

5 starsJudy from UK - England on

Well, nothing else quite says Easter than these small but perfectly formed chocolate masterpieces! The outer shell is gorgeous Cadbury milk chocolate and the inner creme is sweet and delicious. Although I am sure they are smaller than they used to be, they are a must-have each and every year.

5 starsLina from Belgium on

I love these eggs!! they are my favorite, I can't buy them in the country I live, so I'm happy I've got this website! The chocolate is sweet and thick, the filling is wonderful, the sweet white filling with the zingy orange yolk. A perfect combination, I eat them as an egg, with a spoon, scooping out the filling and then eating the chocolate. I know what to order this Easter!

5 starsTina from United States on

A perfect Easter treat from the Easter bunny would be a dozen Cadburys Creme Eggs. These eggs consist of a creamy white and yellow sweet filling encased in a thick milk chocolate shell, resembling a real egg. As soon as you bite through the velvety chocolate shell, the gooey centre coats your throat. It is an absolutely delicious, delightful treat!

5 starsSinead from Italy on

Really nice to be able to buy a bulk quantity of creme eggs at a reasonable price. We shared them with our Italian friends and they were all over the moon to receive the gift! Luckily we had a few left to eat ourselves too!

5 starsEmma from United States on

I always love a good creme egg. Nice to get them for a pretty reasonable price and actually with good chocolate. In America they tend to just make the chocolate over here and it isn't as good. Creme eggs are something I'd never want all the time, but it's great once a year. Or one time of year. Happy easter!

5 starsEmily from France on

So pleased to find these on here because they are by far the best thing about Easter time. I ordered three and I am now struggling to resist to eat them before Easter, it is definitely taking some willpower but at least I am well prepared, I would be disappointed if I didn't have one!

5 starsJael from Canada on

Such a lovely treat for my kids and my husband for Easter. We miss the foil wrapped Cadbury Creme Eggs here so much...they are larger too! Now I'll know where to find them for many Easter's to come!

5 starsEileen from Canada on

Who does not love this fondant Easter eggs, thick chocolate and creamy filling?.

When I was in primary school we were told to draw and colour an Easter picture, we would then be given one of these eggs if we completed our picture, which would then be put up on the wall for the upcoming meet the teacher evening.

I drew a large red plane flying in a bright blue sky, the teacher looked puzzled and asked me to explain my picture. I told her it was Pontius The Pilot - she smiled and gently explained my misunderstanding!

The picture was non the less put up on the wall and as I watched parents chuckling at my art work I began to get upset, my mum explained I should not be sad as my work had made others smile so Jesus would be pleased that I had given joy to others.

Consequently throughout my life if others have laughed at my expense I am reminded of that long ago Easter and can laugh along with them.

5 starsCathryn from Korea Republic of on

Every year at Easter I am tortured by pictures of these delicious Cadbury creme eggs from back home so after discovering I could buy them from BCS I have already stocked up for this year well in advance. Whether there will be any left by the time Easter arrives remains to be seen!

5 starsRenae from United States on

These are the perfect Easter treat! Cadbury Creme Eggs are just the right ratio of milk chocolate to creme center.

Our family looks forward to them every year, and the original flavour is still our favourite!

We can get them here in the U.S., but they don't taste the same as these do from the UK.

5 starsJenny from Australia on

This is my favourite Easter chocolate, I love how see they are, without being too big. There isn't anything else like this in the market.

5 starsMichael from Slovenia on

This is one of the few items that would always be packed away when I come home. Generally I take 5-10 of them and they are all gone within 4 days.

If you are thinking about getting an Easter item then this is the item you should be looking at in bulk.

5 starsNuala from Italy on

Now that there is a price drop on these wonderful eggs it makes sense to buy them up in time for Easter. They are small enough to finish off quickly while enjoying their stickiness, but are a lot more satisfying than the mini-eggs.

And yes, there certainly is an art to eating them so as not to lose any of their different tastes and textures.

5 starsKristian from Sweden on

Since childhood the Cadbury egg has been a welcome candy during Easter. As I live abroad I lately have had problems obtaining the eggs and thanks to BCS I am able to enjoy those gorgeous eggs.

The chocolate outer layer, just perfect thickness melts in the mouth and the creamy inside is just a perfect mix. Beware the inside is sweet though :)

My personal tip is to crack the layer open and lick up the inside until only the outer chocolate shell is left... to then enjoy pure chocolate :)

5 starsIan from Germany on

It is great to know that the infamous Cadbuy Creme Egg is available to buy with Easter just around the corner.

I love these eggs and although my partner can not understand these eggs let alone like them I will be treating myself to one or two of these in the near future.

5 starsAsher from France on

The ultimate egg. I dream of them and can never stop eating them.

5 starsChristopher from United States on

For a few decades now, I have looked forward to Easter because of Cadbury creme eggs. The milk chocolate is always perfect, not too sweet, and the fondant filling is just begging to be licked from within. As much as I wish they were sold all year long, I am glad they are makes the wait for Easter that much sweeter!

5 starsElizabeth from Italy on

These are one of the best things about Easter. So strange that Cadbury's don't sell them all year round - I'm sure demand is high. They are delicious....very sweet of course, but with the thick creamy chocolate outer shell in perfect proportion to the filling. They are the original mini chocolate egg that many other companies have copied but the Creme egg is still the best!

5 starsSonia from Romania on

I find this to be the best British Easter-related product. I even use it sometimes as an aid in teaching English classes.

The fact that is completely filled with cream is awesome, and everyone enjoys finding the "yolk" of the egg.

There is no way you can explain to someone who hasn't had an egg what the egg is like. You should just have them eat one!

5 starsMichelle from United States on

If you're living in the US, don't be fooled by the 'Cadbury Creme Eggs' that go on sale at this time of year - they are made by the Hershey company and are gross!

That's why Creme Eggs from BCS are an ESSENTIAL PURCHASE at this time of year!! It truly is not Easter without sucking out the inner of a creme egg and then shoving the whole shell in in one go...well, that's how I eat mine.

Thank you so much British Corner Shop!

5 starsLeila from Germany on

These are a British Easter staple. I have had one of these every Easter without fail.

The advertisement shows what makes them interesting, everyone has a different way to eat them, "how do you eat yours?". I like to bite the top off, lick out the creme and then enjoy the thick tasty chocolate that's leftover!

Despite not enjoying them as much as I did when I was younger it is as I said a staple. Easter isn't Easter without a creme egg and this is really the best of them all.

5 starsHelen from United States on

There is nothing like a British made Cadbury Cream egg. The ones we get in the stores here are made in Canada. Like another reviewer stated they are just not the same. I remember the first time I ate one of these as a child. I was fascinated by the yellow part and how it resembled a real egg yoke. Not much has changed. I still find it pretty interesting and every bit as delicious.

5 starsCatherine from United States on

Since being a kid , I have always looked forward to Easter morning as if it was Christmas. Easter time is when the Cadbury's Creme Egg comes back into our stores once again. The rest of the year if your lucky to find them, they are usually stale & I'm sure we have all had a stale egg. They still taste great BUT the inside is usually firm , maybe even crystallised somewhat, they are defiantly not the fresh gooey egg that we have all come to love.

The Cadbury Creme Egg will fit into the palm of your hand; it's made up of a thick milk chocolate shell which is the most delicious chocolate ever. The moment you bite into it, it will begin to melt on your tongue & it's so, so smooth as it coats your entire mouth. Inside that delicious chocolate is a center of sweet gooey white & yellow filling that is also delightful. I don't actually know what the filling is made up of, but I do know that it is mouth watering good.

There is an art to opening & eating a Cadbury Creme Egg and everyone has their own way of doing it, honestly ask anyone. There are those that peel the foil from the top until only half the egg is uncovered, then they take the smallest of bites from the top of the egg until the opening is large enough to plunge their tongue into it, sucking out the filling from inside until all that is left is the shell which is eaten alone. Then there are others that completely remove all the foil wrapping and take huge bites, usually crushing the entire egg as they devour it. They then spend the time to lick each & every sticky finger as not to miss a drop.

One of my five kids, my middle daughter Julie & I, usually make a race of it, who will be the one to find the Cadbury Creme Eggs in the store first? LOL. She usually wins of course.

Anyone who has never had the enjoyment of eating a Cadbury Creme Egg is missing out on something big, because once you have had one; you will look forward to having them each and every year.

Happy Easter to everyone at British Corner Shop

5 starsSandra from UK - England on

At Christmas time the Cadbury creme eggs start to appear ready for Easter and stick around for a few months after. I love these eggs, with the thick chocolate on the outside and the smooth white and yellow filling on the inside, which just go together perfectly. They always have a distinctive yellow, red and purple foil wrapper on them. However it used to be blue not purple. The box of 48 on here is rather tempting.

5 starsMatt from Spain on

Luv 'em. These really are a British institution.

5 starsMarloes from Netherlands on

Had mine delivered last week, they are already gone! Everyone loves them, so my next order is going to be even bigger. The original ones are still my favorite, the bars, the green ones and small eggs are nice to. My girls eat them just as a normal egg, they make a small entrance for their spoon and scoop out the center :)

5 starsRichard from Canada on

Something to look forward to every year, Personally i stick them in the fridge then gnaw my way into them!

Nice thick chocolate. The ones that we have over here in Canada are just not the same so good old UK imports are the only option left for a Happy Easter.

5 starsPeter from UK - England on

The original Cadbury Creme egg is still the best for me, it's probably a good thing for the waist that you can't get them all year round, but good to see them on British Corner Shop nice and early - yummy.

5 starsLiam from Netherlands on

I look forward to Easter every year to buy cadbury creme eggs! It is a shame it is hard to find these all year round, I guess I just need to stock up in advance! The chocolate shell is hard and breaks nicely in the gooey creme centre, leaving you yearning for more!

5 starsThomas from United States on

This is a great, simple product. I have been eating these Cadbury Creme Eggs every Easter for many years now and they are a must have for anyone that wants to celebrate Easter in style.

These eggs taste great but they are milk chocolate, so remember not to eat too many or you might not be happy when you see how much you weigh!

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