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At British Corner Shop we stock all manner of tasty drinks, with everything from Lucozade and Red Bull to keep you energised during the day, to hot chocolate and Ovaltine to help you relax in the evening.

We also cater for milkshake lovers, so if you are partial to a strawberry, chocolate or banana milkshake, you are definitely in the right place! Our Nesquik milkshakes are a favourite amongst kids, but lets face it - grown-ups love them too!

For those of you looking to invest in a few mixers to complement the selection in your drinks cabinet, we have you covered too! Our selection of Schweppes and other assorted mixers will be more than enough to get you through a night of drinking!

Whatever your needs, we do our best to provide. We even have a fantastic selection of kid's drinks to keep the younger generation satisfied! If you feel there is anything missing from our selection, do feel free to e-mail us with your suggestions.

Christmas Sale
Christmas Sale

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