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Confectionery - Chocolate Single Bar

Single Bars of Chocolate

Think of your favourite bar of chocolate and it will probably feature in our comprehensive range of single chocolate bars. From traditional British favourites such as Cadbury Whole Nut to continental delights such as Milka, everyone is catered for!

So where did our love of chocolate begin? Chocolate is thought to have first been enjoyed in Central and South America in 1100 BC. People such as the Aztecs are believed to have created the first chocolate drinks using the seed from the cacao tree.

Moving on a few years, in the 19th century a certain John Cadbury was the first to produce a solid chocolate, thus inventing the chocolate bar we know and love today. The rest, as they say, is history!

Our single chocolate bars are great for stashing away in the kitchen cupboard - you never know when that chocolate craving is going to kick in...

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