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Product information

First produced in 1902, the Marmite of today takes great pride in being the most equally loved and hated British product there is! This large jar will keep even the most addicted Marmite lover happy for at least a few weeks.

Reveling in its ability to divide a nation, this yeast-based extract is - to some people, at least - an irresistible spread, perfect on toast but also a great addition to a cheese sandwich, chicken sandwich, tuna sandwich... the list goes on.

In addition to yeast, Marmite contains a perfect mixture of vitamins, vegetables and spices, all of which combine for that controversial taste. Please note that we do not sell Marmite products to Australia or New Zealand.

Most popular with customers in France, Italy, United States of America (USA), Germany, Spain, Denmark, Canada, Greece and Portugal, but you can buy Marmite Large for delivery worldwide.

One of our Marmite branded products.

Allergy Advice

Contains Celery, Contains Cereals Containing Gluten.


yeast extract (contains BARLEY, WHEAT, OATS, RYE), salt, vegetable juice concentrate, vitamins (thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B12 and folic acid), natural flavouring (contains CELERY).

Nutritional information

Typical ValuesPer 100g UnpreparedPer Serving Unprepared%* per portion**
Energy (kJ)1100 kJ88 kJ1%
Energy (kcal)260 kcal21 kcal1%
Fat (g)<0.5 g<0.5 g1%
of which saturates (g)<0.1 g<0.1 g1%
Carbohydrate (g)30 g2.4 g1%
of which sugars (g)1.2 g<0.5 g1%
Protein (g)34 g2.7 g5%
Salt (g)10.8 g0.86 g14%
Thiamin (B1) (mg)7.7 mg0.62 mg56%
Riboflavin (B2) (mg)6.8 mg0.54 mg39%
Niacin (mg)69 mg5.5 mg34%
Folic Acid (µg)1250 µg100 µg50%
Vitamin B12 (µg)24 µg1.9 µg76%
*% of Reference intake of an average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal)   
1 portion = 8 g. ( Pack contains 62 portions )   

Storage Instructions

  1. Do not refrigerate
  2. Pack Type: Jar.

Product reviews

5 starsnicola from Canada on

Love or hate Marmite? I love it! it's my go-to spread, whether I spread it on toast, crumpets, crackers, the list goes on... I absolutely love Marmite.. and that's without talking about the nutritional values.

5 starsGordon from Norway on

As they say, you either love it or hate it and I know how I feel. A reminder from home when I lived in UK. You simply cannot get it in Norway, and my Norwegian wife doesn't get it either she is not a fan! I see in another review that he puts some in baked beans, and he is right. Try it! Lovely.....

5 starsJudith from Israel on

I love marmite I'm so happy to finally find a place where I can but it cheap, this is a family favorite and we run out of it way too quickly. I used to be a vegan and marmite is a great source of B12 as well as an all in all treat.

3 starsSarah from Italy on

I am a marmite lover. However I advise you not to but the large format as if not consumed quickly, the taste tends to change. I had to throw half the jar away.

5 starsKenneth from Canada on

I live in Canada now and can get Marmite in the smallest size 125g in two supermarkets Walmart and Superstore for between $4 and $5 each. These never last long enough especially when you consider how much gets left in the jar, that you can't scrape out for your toast! My solution is to boil some water in the kettle and pour it in the jars, to use that residue in shepherd's pie. But it certainly helps to buy a bigger jar. We do have and 'English Shoppe' here in BC but they charge over $26 for a 500g jar. So the import from the British Corner Shop saves us SO much money especially when we buy at least 3 jars at a time!

4 starsRandi from Norway on

Marmite is a product that I appreciate but, unfortunately I do not think that it is any bit as good as Vegemite. If I do not have Vegemite available to me I am happy to use Marmite but they are just not the same. A slice of bread with a slathering of butter and a thin layer of Marmite on top is just lovely!

5 starsVeronika from Czech Republic on

Me and my husband definitely belong to the Marmite lovers. I was living in England and it was where I first tried this typically British spread. First I didn't like it too much but later I totally fell in love with it. We spread it on toast and eat it with cheese and onion. Living in the Czech Republic now we unfortunately can't get these large jars here for a reasonable price so I am really glad I found your shop where I can get it from now.

5 starsMariantonia from Italy on

Best way to buy Marmite is this amazing large jar. As we all know a little goes a long way, so with this 750g format you are at no risk of running out too soon. As well as a spread, it is an excellent condiment, try some on cheese on toast instead of brown sauce, or spoonfuls dissolved into stews an casseroles. Truly delicious!

5 starsTianyi from Portugal on

I'm a Marmite lover from China. Having lived in the UK for years and now living in Portugal, not being able to find Marmite in the local shop is very frustrating until I found the large jars here. Great taste. The perfect breakfast and I will love it forever.

5 starsElizabeth from Norway on

Marmite is something you love or you hate, and most not born in England don't care for it. Although there are many English folk who don`t like it as well. But I love its salty, savoury taste especially on toast with butter. Much better than jam or meat paste.

My friends and I liked to eat Marmite and cheese sandwiches, and I had a son who ate Marmite and tomato ketchup sandwiches.(But I don't recommend them!) Use it also for flavouring gravy and in stews etc.

After I moved to Norway I have had problems finding it in the shops, seems it is only sold where a lot of English people live. Managed to get a Norwegian friend to like it.

1 starsIan from Germany on

I am sorry guys. I am one of those that hate this product. I can not understand it. I do not like it and can not see why people do.

I have tried it several times in different ways but still do not see the appeal.

It does not agree with my taste buds one bit.

5 starsJohn from Portugal on

All of my Portuguese friends agree on one thing : "they hate Marmite".

More fool them but there again I don't have to share it.

You can buy Marmite in some of the shops here but only in very small jars and at exorbitant prices.

The large jars from BCS are therefore an economic way of getting one of life's little pleasures.

4 starsCathryn from Korea Republic of on

Marmite is a love it or hate it product but one which simply needs to be sampled by everyone just to check. My husband used to go into mourning whenever we ran out of our stash that we had returned with from the UK so I was very pleased to be able to surprise him with a few jars from the corner shop and now his morning toast is once again complete. I have tried experimenting by adding it to some slow cooker recipes with some great results.

5 starssarah c from United States on

I'll never forget the first time I ate Marmite. My classmates used to rave about it and, after having to twist my father's arm to get some, I finally spread it nice and thick over my toast and almost gagged!

In time, I learned to love it. But.... it needs to be spread really thin in order to be palatable.

It's great mixed into sauces for flavouring or adding it into meat substitute foods for vegetarians. Mix it into the mince when making shepherds pie and it is delicious! Add it to soups, sauces and vegetarian gravy, YUM!

5 starsLaura from Mallorca on

I have always had a love of marmite and I am so very happy to see that I can buy it in such a large bottle. My husband and I can think of no better treat than Marmite on toast so we appreciate the opportunity to purchase this large quantity, Thank you.

5 starsElenore from United States on

I was child in England during World War two and at that time , if my memory is correct, Marmite, and perhaps Bovril also, was only available with a Dr.'s prescription. If Americans knew that, it would be required on the food group list. My American born husband and daughter cannot live without it.

5 starsCamilla from Slovenia on

You either LOVE it or HATE it!!! A Phrase I started using a lot years back living in UK "it is like Marmite" and it is... I LOVE it and it is one of those bad food habits where you just have to have a stock of it, as it is so hard to get your hands on in non UK countries.

If you have only used it for the classic "Bread and Cheese", try to use it in your Wok dishes and other warm meals and even BBQ, just giving your meal that extra kick.

5 starsNuala from Italy on

Agreed, it is excellent!

I just wonder how long a jar of Marmite lasts when opened. Do you keep it in the fridge?

I ask because I usually get the small one - there's only me that eats it in the family.

This one is great value, would probably last me a couple of months.

5 starsBarry from UK - England on

What is there not to love about Marmite? My girlfriend hates it but I think it is wonderful when spread thinly on toast or as a sandwich. However she does eat it as it makes a wonderful cooking ingredient too.

A teaspoon diluted in a little boiling water adds a lovely savoury flavour to any dish. I make vegetarian dishes for meat eating friends and soya mince (Textured Vegetable Protein) soaked in water with a teaspoon or two of marmite and a little tomato sauce can be used in many dishes, especially in a shepherds pie.

Fry up some onions, add a little flour, add the mince, simmer a little and pop in a baking dish covered with mashed potato. Lovely!

5 starsLiz from France on

Who would be without this wonderful product? For a low calorie weight watching sandwich try marmite, low cal. salad cream and sliced tomato (no need for butter). Of course if you want to be a little bit indulgent what would be more comforting than hot buttered toast with marmite. Yum.

5 starsMary from Italy on

Marmite hardly needs any more praise, but I would like to thank you for making available the large jar, as any other size goes far too quickly! It is also nice to find it at a reduced price and know that you can afford a few more jars to keep in store.

5 starsTom from United States on

Either Love it or Hate it like the adverts always say, I can never get enough of marmite and its always so difficult to find outside of the UK. Its so versatile, and never understand why its many just eaten on toast. I personally use it in a range of dishes especially things to add a deep beef flavour to dishes such as chilli. Its also so great on cheese sandwiches. Love it!

5 starsLinda from France on

Best news for me is it's no points in the Weight Watchers guide so makes a brilliant snack spread on toast with tomatoes. The only Weight Watchers points being from the bread.

If you are not on a diet it's great spread on a jacket potato with loads of butter and baked beans.

It's great value from BCS for a large jar.

5 starsAnne from Portugal on

I'm in the "LOVE IT" camp. I think maybe you have to be raised on Marmite to truly love it. Almost the first thing my children learned to love when I weaned them was Marmite soldiers. There's no substitute for those! One of my favourite snacks is little biscuit toasts (they're called "tostas" where I live, with Marmite, spread cheese and a slice of salted tomato - yummy!

5 starsSandie from France on

Marmite can only be 5 stars or no stars - being the love or hate product that it is. I LOVE it, but my husband cannot stand the smell of it (yet he eats my bread which also smells of yeast). Try spreading butter on toast, with Marmite on top and Peanut Butter on top of that. For real luxury, and a mashed banana and you will not go hungry all day! As an Expat, happily living in mid-rural France, I thought there would not be anything I missed. I missed Marmite, which is now available here but at a far higher price than BCS, even if you apportion part of the delivery cost. So support BCS.

5 starsMichael from Slovenia on

Always one of the 1st items on my list whenever I buy it. Worth getting every time either for sandwiches or even in soups and stews. Can't fault anyone who loves this brown stuff.

5 starsDunstan from Czech Republic on

Delicious! I have managed to convert my Czech family over the Marmite and is now the breakfast staple. A real reminder of home and an iconic jar that is great for my homemade pickles! Everyone who visits looks suspiciously at the spread and is intrigued to taste, they nearly always end up a convert.

5 starsBruce from Lithuania on

Great on it's own, or in cheese sandwiches and absolutely superb on freshly toasted crumpets. But one weird combination I was introduced to by a Russian lady is in sandwiches mixed with peanut-butter! I was initially disgusted at the thought of it, but once I tried it, there was no turning back. Give it a try; I promise that you will be pleasantly surprised.

Marmite is a little piece of Britain that this reviewer couldn't live without. Thank you British Corner Shop for supplying this great product.

5 starsEmily from UK - England on

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Spread it thinly on hot toast or in a sandwich and it has that lovely little kick to it. I also use the empty jar to add to my gravy run hot water into it and swill it out into your gravy. Perfect and it seems to last for ages.

5 starsMandy from France on

They say you either love it or you hate it - well, I love it, especially spread thick on some wholemeal toast with butter and scrambled egg! This jar is everything the Marmite lover could want, and given its large size, it should be just a little bit longer before you run out and need to rush to the British Corner Shop to get some more!

5 starsGraham from Korea Republic of on

Love it! And I don't understand why anyone would order any size other than large (but maybe that's just me). Obviously the classic way is to spread it (thick) on warm, generously buttered white bread but I also usually throw a little into my baked beans (seriously try it, its amazing). Because of its soy sauce similarities I also rinse out the jar with hot water and use it as a stock for Chinese food- waste not, want not!

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