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Homebaking - Sugar/Syrup/Frosting

Sugar, Syrup, Frosting for Baking

If you have a sweet tooth and are partial to a spot of baking (most baking enthusiasts have a sweet tooth, surely?), then this selection of goodies will be the stuff of dreams for you!

The most popular product in this section is, unsurprisingly, Golden Syrup. The legendary metal tin that houses this sweet elixir has remained unchanged for over 100 years, and the recipe has barely changed in this time either. Why mess with perfection?!

And what's the best part of baking a cake? Adding the topping of course, and we have plenty of deliciously sweet toppings for you to choose from! Everything from cream cheese frosting to chocolate buttercream icing.

In addition to these exciting goodies, we also stock a complete array of sugar and sweeteners - everything a baker needs to make their cakes sweet and delicious. Get stocked up today and prepare yourself for a busy afternoon in the kitchen!

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